Hear Better
We emphasis the sound you want to hear and minimize the ambient noise to help you to hear better.
Improve Communication
We help you to catch up people’s speech, and you will be able to respond in the right time and to a right way.
Excellent Experience
We provide a series of personal sound amplifier with great design and clear sound. It is like a reading glass for your ear. You can use it whenever you feel difficult picking up other people’s dialogue.
Amazing Marketing
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Rechargeable Battery
A USB port makes it easier to charge your battery.
Clear sound
The presetted modes give you clear sound all the time.
Digital technology
A 12-channel digital noise reduction makes an incredible hearing experience.
Stylish and Small
compact design with only 18.3g.
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We care about your hearing
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Hearing Loss Help
Hearing Loss Help
Start your journey to better hearing today! Find a trusted hearing center to help you or contact us. Better hearing leads to a better life.
Communication + Confidence
Let us assist your listening in difficult situation. Everyone deserves a healthy hearing life by communicating easier and feeling less reliant on others.
Let us help you to hear better.